A downloadable Little Remains

Game made for the Ludum Dare 38

Little Remains is an adventure game about ancient living idols selfcalled the Discarded, trapped in the Dump, a dark and small place below earth with the weak light of hope coming from a hole in the ceiling.

Travel along the Sleeper, a space idol just awoken from a centuries long sleep to a strange world he is just about to discover. Will the Discarded be able to escape with the help of the Sleeper?

Ludum Dare game page :


Daniel Bey Prian - Programming & writing
Ananda C. Arán - Background artist
Georgi "Calader" Simoneov - Concept art & UI
Dulce Isis Segarra - 3D art
Fran Romguer - Music & SFX

Install instructions

Execute the .exe inside the downloaded file and that's it!

Gameplay instructions included in the game.


Little Remains 1.0 59 MB


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I chosen the third option, leave and take them all with me.

Just a quick first look at Little Remains. If you like what you see - give the dev a shoutout and try the game for yourself.

Developer here. Thanks for playing! Hope you liked it :D

Yeah, it's a neat game. I really like the art style. Hopefully, more people check it out. Keep up the good work.